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Stolen Strawberry Margaritas

25 Feb

I found this recipe from

I couldn’t find Grand Marnier, but the lime juice and strawberry mixture worked just fine. definitely a fresh alternative to the normal lime margarita.



Rosetts to your liking.

13 Dec

Rosetts. I always saw these growing up at a place called Frankenmuth. I assumed it was German. Even if they weren’t I sure liked them! So my friend brought her stuff in a big box…

and we made some. Tasty and probably high in calories.

Here is the recipe:

Mix two eggs together with 2/3 cup of milk. Gradually add this to 1 cup of flour, stirring constantly to prevent lumps. Deep fry at 370 degrees until golden. You will need an iron mold. It’s best to dip this in the hot grease then in your batter (not submerging it) and then frying it in the grease. Watch the video to see! Drain on paper towels. Keep in air-tight container. Sprinkle powdered sugar!

How to fry.

Opinion on Rosetts.

Carmel Corn for the masses

12 Dec

Carmel Corn is one of those great Christmas gifts you can give or eat in one setting! It’s one of the most tempting desserts as it’s just a little bit at a time which leads to a whole bag in no time at all, but it’s Christmas so let’s make some! You can give some to your neighbor to not feel so guilty!

Recycled Muffins

11 Dec

We have been jam packing our days with lots of butter and sugar so how about we take a break with a heart healthy muffin!

I had a lot of extra pineapples.



Red & White

10 Dec

This is cookie has an elegant look I think. White chocolate chips and cranberries. I don’t think this is technically a Chirstmas cookie but I had both white chocolate chips and dried cranberries so I did a google search and this is what I found:

Google Search Findings.

These are your basic cookie recipe plus cranberries and white chocolate chips added. Very tasty… and like I said, you feel elegant eating them.



Pineapple Fresh

5 Dec

Day 5 is all about the fresh fruits.

Today is the pineapple cookie from

I changed it by using FRESH pineapple.

This has it’s benefits but requires some changes.

1. Preheat oven to 325 F

2. Mix 1/2 cup of shortening and 1 c of brown sugar together. Then add 8oz of crush pineapple. Add one egg then a dash of vanilla.

3. In a separate bowl mix 3 c of flour, 1 1/2 t of baking powder, 1/4 t of baking soda, and 1/4 t of salt. Gradually add this to your wet mixture.

4. Place a tablespoon of the cookie mixture on a ungreased cookie sheet. Place in oven for 10-12 minutes

What changes did I make? The original recipes calls for 2 c of flour, but since I used fresh pineapple and didn’t drain the 8oz completely I needed more flour. The first batch looked like this:

So I added 1 c flour, and bam, done.

You can frost these with a powder sugar and pineapple juice mixture. Make a paste by gradually adding some pineapple juice to a cup of powdered sugar. Don’t do it the opposite or you will use a whole bag of powdered sugar and still be needing more!

Get your peanut butter on

3 Dec

Day three is for the “Classic Peanut Butter Cookies.” This recipe comes from my mom who took it from the Ladies Home Journal from 1988. It’s definitely a classic then.

1. Heat your oven to 375F.

2. Combine your DRY ingredients. Don’t short cut this and put them altogether with your wet ingredients. You won’t like your cookie if you do this. Blend 2 1/2 cups of flour, 1 1/2 t of baking soda, 1 t baking powder, and 1/4 t of salt.

3. Blend 1 c butter (unsalted), 1 c peanut butter, 1 c brown sugar. After mixed well, beat in 2 eggs and 1 t of vanilla.

4. Gradually mix your dry ingredients with your wet ingredients.

5. Make little balls with your dough and roll them in some white sugar and then place them on an ungreased cookie sheet. For some I added a square of carmel inside the balls. These work okay, just watch them closely so the carmel doesn’t melt and burn on the cookie sheet.

6. After 8-10minutes in the oven take them out. Cool for a few minutes then place them on a cooking rack.

* Traditionally you place fork marks by placing the long flat side of the fork on the unbaked cookie ball for a criss cross pattern. This is cool, but I like the crackled look.

You don’t need to be Russian

2 Dec

to eat these tea cakes! Day 2 is the cookie my mom never failed to make every Christmas, so no doubt it made the countdown.

Here you go…


Take two sticks of butter (room temp, aka leave them over before you go to work to make this at night), 1/2 cup of sugar a dash of vanilla and some sprinkles of salt and mix together. I just used a spatula but feel free to whip it up with a blender.

Then gradually add 1 cup of flour. Mix well. Make the dough into a massive ball and wrap it in celofane. Leave in the frig for at least an hour or like me – all night!

After the dough is chilled roll into 1 inch balls and place on an ungreased baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes at 350F. After bake remove after a few minutes. Place in bowl of powdered sugar. Roll the cookie around in the sugar. Then after about 20 minutes place in a plastic bag with more powdered sugar and store in this way. This will allow for multiple layers of powdered sugar goodness!



1 Dec

The first sweet delight is a bar… a Butterscotch Meringue Bar. This recipe comes in part from Cooks Illustrated. This is a new one that looked interesting and very tasty.


Line a 13 x 9 pan with foil and spray it with PAAM. Mix 2 cups flour, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl.

In a mixer, blend two sticks of butter, 1 cup of brown sugar, two large egg YOLKS, then after a few minutes add 1 T of water and a splash of vanilla. After everything is thoroughly mixed gradually add your flour mixture. When it’s mixed place in pan and spread evenly.

Open up a bag of chocolate chips and spread on top of the batter evenly. Press them down gently to make your layer even.

Then take your left over egg whites. Whip them up in your mixer until you see peaks, then add another cup of brown sugar. Once it’s all mixed together pour evenly on top of the chocolate chip layer. Place in your oven for 35 minutes until golden brown on top. It won’t be stiff when you pull it out but rather wobbly. That is ok!

Cool for a few hours and then cut and devour singing a Christmas carol.

25 days…25 goodies

29 Nov


What better way to bring in the wonderful Christmas season by making a new or “tradish” sweet delight everyday until Christmas? So here comes our exciting challenge, making a cookie or bar or a sweet delight each day before Christmas.