Bites of Comfort

29 Apr

We all love mac ‘n cheese right? Top on the comfort food list. Well this recipe makes it even more “comforting.”

Macaroni and Cheese bites were popular in restaurants a few years ago but now having a deeper fryer I wanted to try making them. It’s very easy, just don’t count the calories.

What you will need:

Mac n’ cheese recipe (you pick your fav)

1 Egg

Bread crumbs


First make your favorite recipe of mac n cheese. Bake it and then stick it in the frig overnight.

The next day, pull out your pan and cut the macaroni  into 1 inch squares.  Stick back in the frig.

Pull out the deep fryer and set to 325 and get it going. While it’s heating get a bowl of 1 cup flour, another bowl of 1 cup bread crumbs (plus a bit of salt), and another bowl of a raw scrambled egg.

Once fryer is ready to go, take out your mac n cheese cubes and coat them first with flour, then with egg, then with bread crumbs. Set in frying basket until you have 5 or 6 or however many will fit in your basket (making sure not to stack them). Slowly lower into the fryer for only about a minute or two. They go quick!  Then drain on a paper towel to cool. Be careful, they won’t stay there for long…


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