Almost like St. Louis

19 Apr

Only living in St. Louis for just over a year it wasn’t long before I was introduced to one of their famous dishes, maybe I should appetizers: Fried Ravioli.

I tried multiple times to replicate these fried, tasty treats, but it never worked. The other sad part is once you order them at a restaurant outside of St. Louis they aren’t very good.

But last night I thought, what the heck, I’m going to try it again. However this time I have a deep fryer!

What you’ll need:

Frozen raviolis, the larger square kind.
1 egg
Bread crumbs (I used pre-made ones to make this easier).
Deep fryer (with your choice of oil inside).

Spaghetti sauce (optional)

While your fryer is heating up to 350 degrees F, crack an egg and put it in a bowl. Scramble it and add just a bit of water. Put about 2 cups of breadcrumbs in another bowl. Once the fryer is ready, take out one square, dip it in your egg wash then dip it in your bread crumbs making sure to cover the whole surface. Then lay it in your frying basket and repeat until your basket is full (be sure not to stack the raviolis on top of each other in the basket).

Lower your basket into the fryer and take it out when they look a little but brown (about a minute and a half). Do not walk away from the fryer. I can guarantee you they will be burned.

An important note: While you are frying the raviolis put the frozen ones back in the freezer. Once they start to defrost they don’t fry as nicely.

After cooling, dip it in some spaghetti sauce, and waala you’ll think you’re back in STL.


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