Wrap Your Head Around This

16 Apr

Wraps were hip back in the early 2000s with their healthy twist of low carbs because of the lack of bread. What people forgot was the calorie rack up in the dressing. For me, I could care less. I go with the motto “eat the good stuff and run an extra mile later.”

So when my good friend suggested we do wraps for a picnic at night, it made the wrap that much more exciting.

Here is the cook up for four peeps:

What you’ll need:

4 chicken breasts

4 tomatoes (your choice what kind)

1 onion



olive oil


fresh garlic

8 slices of cheese (your choice)


frozen onion rings



cayenne pepper



horseradish sauce


garlic powder

Cut four chicken breasts into small strips. Put them in a bowel marinating with some cut up cilantro, salt, tomato juice (straight from the tomato), and fresh pressed garlic. Let marinate for a couple hours or a night in the frig (covered of course).

Preparing the chicken

When you are ready to make your wraps, cook the chicken in a stove top pan with some olive oil and butter.

While you are doing that cut up some onions and sauté them in some olive oil and butter as well. These will be a topping later.

In the meantime while the chicken is cooking, dice up some tomatoes.

The chicken will cook up in no time. Get your tortillas out of the bag and take one and put on a plate. Put a few handfuls of chicken in the middle. Add your sautéd onions, tomatoes, and any dressing (remember no calorie counting here!), and your choice of cheese (we used Munster).

For this special night I deep fried some frozen onion rings and made that special bloomin’ onion sauce from Outback. I put the onion rings in the wrap with the sauce to add a crunch and some zest.

Pull the tortilla around the chicken and toppings and roll it up like a burrito. You can put it on a warm pan with some olive oil and brown it up a but to melt the cheese and meld it altogether if you like.

Let me tell you… delish!


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